Ladies what do you like to wear?

hello there kadies. when choosing the underware you like to wear what style or cut of panties do you like the most. i know it seems to me there are a ton of styles to choose from im tring to see what is most loved. so i can then purchase some for my girl and i aslo must ask. but arnt thongs uncomfortable. with the string in the back. if you could share a photo of your favorite style it would be greeatly appreciated then of you could tell me what color you think is the sexiest. thanks. guys add what your SO. likes


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  • personally I like the bikini cut with lacing around the edge, but you should try checking your girlfriends style before buying

    • well. as for her style. it is of the granny panties. they are huge on her and arnt attractive at all. just plain white. when at the beach she dose wear bikinis. so i love going there as much as possible. i was hoping to hear from someone like you who could tell me about what they like and if it a good style and fit

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    • could you follow me. so i can send you a messag so we dont keep this in the open room

    • okay there

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  • Thongs are not super comfortable but they make me feel. sexy so I usually wear them except on chill days.

    • i thankyou for the reply. would you. private me so i can talk to you about yyr latest question. i tnink you need to follow e

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  • yes it is really a good idea to have a look at the moment and will be able to make it easy to get the best of all


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