What's too tall to where high heels?

I'm 5' 10'' and my legs look great in high heels, but I feel like when I wear heels I'm a giant. Is 5' 10'' too tall for heels, or are even longer legs sexy?


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  • Wear the heels if you like. Just so long as you're the kind of girl who can keep her balance and grace, when walking in those things. The thing about heels is that they curve the legs a certain way, and it causes the butt to stick out a little bit, and this usually in tern arches the back inwards while pushing out the chest. All in all the overall proper stance in heels can be very very sexy, but this can get dashed quite a bit if you walk funny.

    My suggestion is wear these shoes if you can stand and walk straight in them without it starting to look unnatural. If you struggle, wobble, stumble, or plainly have trouble standing, walking, properly, or if your feet or heels feel like their in serious pain (i.e. cramping, blisters), then these are not the shoes for you. If you walk funny it takes away from the sex appeal. If you're in pain, trust me it will be noticed and I speak from experience that something like that can kill a whole evening for both you and the guy.

    As for the height limitation. I personally don't care how tall a woman is. Sure some guys as you can see from the other answers may care about this. So I guess if you're going to go on a blind date or meeting a guy from the internet, I suggest you find out how tall he is to gauge whether or not high heels will be illadvised. Beyond that just forget about what other guys feel. Be yourself.

    Do what makes you happy. There are tons of guys out there that will jump all over a tall leggy amazon woman. If they can't handle it, it's their problem more than it is yours, and they weren't right for you in the first place. It's always better to be loved for who your personality is, than what you want to make yourself into. If your personality is a girl who loves her high heel shoes, then so be it. Let them fall for that girl. Don't change.

    This is how I feel about this topic. Maybe you'd agree. Maybe you don't. Hopefully it at least gave you something to think over. Maybe even helped you out. Who knows?

    Good luck out there.

    • I agree! I'm 5'9" and I wear heals. I don't think you should be worried about what the guys think, because you're gonna be tall either way. Most of the guys I love girls my height in heels because it just makes our legs look sexier that they all ready do. Also Toban_Frost was right about only wearing them if you can walk in them. Men might not find it attractive if you look hot but you're tripping over your own feet. Lol!

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  • im 5'8" and I prefer girls who are 5'7" WITHOUT heels. I like them taller with heels. to me it looks sexy

  • I don't think you should wear heals, unless the guy you are dating is over 6"3


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