Girls, can you help me find an outfit for my girlfriend I can buy?

I need a see through shirt that don't show the bra, but show the waist or belly area, she wants her belt to show through the shirt. I am going to surprise her and buy the shirt, belt, and jeans, so I need some photo ideas to look at to pick from and the clothing brands.
She likes black shirts and belts, and black or dark blue jeans in bootcut or boyfriend.
I need some help here lol


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  • Just buy something within your budget. Some stores that have good prices on women clothes is fashion bug, walmart, marshalls, Burlington, if you have a mall in your area they have lots of women stores that have great prices. You gotta search and look for something nice.

    • I know what I want to buy, but I need style ideas, and only other girls will know that better than me 😅

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    • No girl chimed in 😕

    • I hope more girl responses come in.

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  • Have you tried Amazon or Walmart? Or any local clothing stores or tried shopping at a local mall or shopping center to see if they have what you are looking for?

    • I don't know women's style, lol. I could guess and things probably won't match 😄

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