What do most women wear under above the knee skirts/dresses?

Skirts/dresses... like most guys, I've never worn them... for the most part, they are a women only thing.

And so I therefore, get pretty curious as to how they are worn...

For long skirts/dresses below the knee, or maxi skirts/dresses... they can be worn with just the underwear just fine, because of the sheer length, preventing any possibility of underwear showing.

But for skirts/dresses above the knee... do most women really just simply wear the underwear underneath them?

For skirts below the knee... you can comfortably sit with your legs wide open without flashing... but when it's above the knee... you can't exactly do that...

So wouldn't be like a bit too exposing to just wear the underwear?

All it takes is one wrong move with your legs, and you flash the world... it really limits your movement... you must sit normal with legs together, or crossed leg, literally all the time... just those 2 positions, that's it.

I imagine that most women would wear spandex shorts underneath for those reasons... and it also prevents chafing, as a plus.

But I'm not a woman myself, so I really don't know what women traditionally do...

So therefore... I ask the title question... what do most women wear under above the knee skirts/dresses?
  • Spandex Shorts
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  • Just the underwear.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • you've really put some thought into this.

    most usually wear underwear or shorts.

    • Not really, actually... I'm a writer, and therefore love writing. And I'm a fast typer, too... I seriously just typed this up in slightly less than 2 minutes.

      When I used to go to school, the teacher asked for a 1 page essay, I wrote a 10 page essay... and on my free time, I literally type up my own stories and thoughts on Word Documents... and it turns out to eventually be like 20 pages of almost a million words.

      So trust me... what I wrote on here on GAG is literally NOTHING compared to what I usually write...

      It's just that for some reason people on the internet hate reading... and when something is more than one sentence long, they're just like, "TL; DR, sorry bro."

    • But either ways... yeah, I can see that... both things are commonly done, about equally.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Care to talk, man to man? Someone obviously has some issues... Send me a private message...

    • If you want. I really don't care it's private or not, though.

    • maybe better, private, as HollieHol is kind of mad at you right now!! :)

    • Alright then.

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  • Commando is the best way to wear them, and by the way also braless. Lol.

  • Wtf.

    • Come on, you have to know guys are looking at you BEAUTIFUL LADIES in everything you wear!! He's just a little more bold, and maybe has no experience with a lady!!
      He didn't say anything that was inappropriate, he's just curious, like a lot of young guys!

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    • It's ok, say what you want to say. You have every right to your opinion!!

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