What is this clear stuff?

Do any other girls have this: Sometimes I get this clear stuff in my underwear. The texture reminds me of hair gel. I get it a lot when it does happen. I am just wondering does anyone else have this? What is it? Is it a sign of period coming?


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  • Yes most if not all girls get this and though it can be a sign that a period is on it's way it doesn't necessarily mean that.

    Vaginal discharge as it's known should be clear or white and the texture you say yours is. It is perfectly healthy and it your body's way of keeping your vagina lubricated. The vagina is one of the only parts of the body (apart from the eye) that is self-cleaning and that's precisely what this discharge is.

    Before the egg is released from your ovary each month lots of mucus is produced - during this time it is more watery and elastic.

    Here's a link to a website you may find helpful.

    Don't worry though, you're perfectly normal :)


  • I love this website. It makes me feel so normal. Yes I get that for like three days after my period ends.