What makes a man and a woman physical good looking?

I wants you to describe the ideal man and woman. Here we're talking about the appearance like face, body type, hair etc. Not clothing style. Here's my opinion.

Features the genders have in common:
- Facial symmetry
- Healthy (Nice teeth, thick hair, clear skin etc.)
- Slim body and face
- Well proportions (Where the features aren't too big/small or too long/short distances between them)
- Tan
- Dark hair and eyes (Not a must, but a preference)
- Defined jawline
- Almond eyes

- Long hair
- Big feminine eyes w. long eyelashes, eyebrow arch, narrow nose, feminine full lips.
- Soft (feminine) features, not too sharp edges.
- Feminine shaped features like ass, legs etc.
- Femininely defined jawline

- A bit square/angular face (Brad Pitt have a face like that)
- Defined strong jawline
- Narrow nose
- Stubble
- Brooding dark eyebrows
- A bit muscle (Not too much or little)
- Taller than me and ideal height is between: 170 - 185

Celebs I finds good looking.
What makes a man and a woman physical good looking?What makes a man and a woman physical good looking?Ideal male and female body in my opinion.
What makes a man and a woman physical good looking?#Beauty #WhatsUideal #Beautydiscussion


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  • What make someone attractive is Facial symmetry, being healthy and have good proportions.
    The others stuff is just a matter of personal taste.

    • True. But what makes a man and a woman good looking for you? Which features do you like?

    • Personally I like the Germanic / Nordic feature for the face.
      - blond hair, blue eyes, square jaw, straight high nose, pale skin, defined jaw.
      for body strong boned, muscular (broad shoulder / big arms) but not well defined muscle (not dry).
      For a women I like :
      blue eyes, brown hair, defined jaw, rosy skin tone, oval shaped face, (like Sophie Marceau / Shannen Doherty).
      for body a skinny hourglass with big boobs and long thin legs.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Very well described here.
    I also think that , some features are universally accepted as good looking like good bone structure, height, even toned skin and beautiful eyes ( light, or dark).

    I personally feel that it also depends on the culture and people around. Like for example, whites seem to like tan very much, however in South Asia being pale is attractive.
    People like what's less common, i. e, something exotic.


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  • I'm not THAT picky but he just has to look like "Hot damn!" to me. I do like thick eyebrows, thick hair, muscular build, small/narrow eyes but that only looks good on certain guys... I have variety its only one thing and his teeth don't have to be perfect.

  • goodlooking doesn't need to be defined in every angle,..

    any person can become goodlooking ownself

    By highlighting the best features of ur face, or ur body parts ^_^

  • You don't have to have a narrow nose to be beautiful lol

    • My list is my opinions. It exists exceptions, but in general speaking I likes this facial feature. : )

  • exercise and confidence

  • For God's sake, I'm happy with a healthy guy.

    • My partner have to be good looking in addition to have a nice personality, or it won't work. If my partner don't have a good personality, it won't last. If there's no physical attraction, it won't work.

      You live in Bangladesh, so people there looks different there than what they do in Norway. People in Bangladesh looks good for not being in a first world country and many of them are doing it fine appearance wise although they're poor. I've googled Bangladeshi people. Most people who comes up are average and not (extremely) hot. But I would say they looks good for being poor and many Norwegians doesn't look good even though we've good wealth.

      1. My taste
      2. Majority of Norwegian have a good health and wealth. It's a 1st world country, but most Norwegian still don't look very good.

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    • Yeah. But my other social medias like Instagram, Facebook etc. are private. I don't want to share them with people on GAG and likes to have some anonymity.

    • Oh ok. I get it.

  • Dimples


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  • when i was younger I had a more clearly defined idea of what I appreciated physically in the opposite sex. and then I promptly met stunning woman after stunning woman who didn't fit those criteria or who were even the opposite. i have since dispensed with looking for specific physical criteria in others. Either I find someone aesthetically pleasing or i don't. This is left me pleasantly surprised on many occasions

  • preferences only
    darker hair
    not skinny
    curvy (as in hip to waist ratio)
    nice smile


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