Pick the best, part 4?

Click on the girl you find 🔝 and thats it.
Last time you all said that they all look the same so here is some variety.
*ta da*
  • Pick the best, part 4?Jena Frumes (?)
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  • Pick the best, part 4?Hanna Edwinson
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  • Pick the best, part 4?Paula Manzanal
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  • Pick the best, part 4?Monifa Jansen
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  • Pick the best, part 4?Keilah K. (?)
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  • Pick the best, part 4?Allie Legget
    Vote F
  • Pick the best, part 4?Larissa Gacemer
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Most Helpful Girl

  • the last girl is the most classy to me! But I find Keilah K to be prettiest by far, she is beautiful!


Most Helpful Guy

  • They're all model types. Really not my type. So none.

    • I think 3 of them aren't models. Just having from time to time freelance photoshoting

    • They still fit the "model" type to me. Not my type.

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What Girls Said 3

  • The first girl is pretty much almost perfect.

    • How can you tell?
      The photos edited and she has a pound of make up on.

    • Ay. But most of them have. Plus that black girl (4 or 5 option) is on full make up and oiled. On the oposite the blonde girl looks like she doesn't have any make up (to me)

    • The only one who doesn't have a pound of make up on is F and even then she may have some on. All the photos are likely edited too. Can't really take that into account here.

  • First one

  • First one loved her hair


What Guys Said 1

  • Wayyy too hard... and I'm not talking about the poll :p


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