Girls, Growing out bangs?

So I just got straight across bangs less than a week ago and I already hate them haha. Does anyone have any estimates on how long it will take me to grow them behind my ears?


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  • Mine usually grow really fast like within a year they would be from above my eyebrows to my chin. But this year they are taking FOREVER to grow I think because I've been really stressed out. But my hair grew really fast this time (the back length) I cut it in February above my shoulders and now it's almost to my bra line

  • Take biotin supplements and use castor oil twice a week (use a bit of castor oil of the scalp and add an old pillowcase and sleep normally then wash next day) castor oil penetrates, strenghthens, & absorbs. Depends on your body but it should take about two/three weeks to see a little length. Maybe a month.


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