Do you think all guys are ugly physically?

If not what do you find physically attractive about a guy?
  • All guys are physically ugly
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  • Most guys are physically ugly
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  • Most guys are physically attractive
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  • All guys are physically attractive
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What Girls Said 3

  • No? by physically do you mean just body and not face or face as well? Either way... I think most guys are average looking but there are cute-ish ones and then very attractive ones.
    what do I find physically attractive - an attractive face & clear skin... muscles especially in the arms. not scrawny

  • since everybody is different you can't place everyone into one basic opinion. I like the arms on some guys but not on another same with everything else it just depends on the guy

  • Most guys are Physically Attractive in my opinion and I don't know but most guys are Physically Attractive.


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