Insecure about my boobs?

I have been going through a weight loss and that has left my boobs kinda saggy and really uneven. I wanna get my boobs done but sadly that pretty expensive and I have to save up for that. But I'm so
Insecure about my boobs, I really wanna wear a bikini but i'm just so insecure that my boobs won't look good in it. I don't want people to see my boobs are saggy and uneven, I'm only 18! I thought losing weight would make everything better but now I'm more insecure than before, I'm so sad. Do any of you have any idea for what I can do?


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  • Chances are good you notice this way more than anyone else ever would! Hunt for a bikini top that offers more push up and support, Victoria's Secret has tons of different options! Great job on your transformation :)


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