Beautiful? guys?

Guys, is calling your girl beautiful something more, than just "hot" or "cute"?

I ask because I woke up the other morning, my boyfriend next to me, and he said I looked beautiful when I've just woken up. (not the day after sex, not naked.)

So I ask guys, from your perspective, what does this mean?

Do guys find something in the look of "I've just woken up" ?


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  • He wants to make sure he's on your good side. He could be saying it because he appreciates your natural beauty without make up. Personally, no one really looks their "best" after waking up. It's a vulnerable moment. You've been sleeping, maybe on your face, and your hair is everywhere. I don't see the awe in that moment.

  • Yea, I think that's wonderful. Every guy is different but I only do things like that when I really care about the girl. Its a sweet gesture and he probably really cares about you. I can call any girl hot or cute, I only tell a girl I'm with she's beautiful if I really care about her.


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