Is ethnicity something you look for?

i find Mexican guys sexy. a lot of guys I know find spanish girls sexy. is there a specific ethnicity you find attractive? yes, I'm generalizing people of Mexican backgrounds in my grounds for attractive for them, but I mean in general, guys, what ethnicity do you like in girls?

*in my grounds for being attracted to them


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  • As a funny comedian, Russell Peters, said, "One day everyone is going to be a mixture of Chinese or Indian and something else since they are the two biggest populations. Sooner or later, they're going to hump you." Anyway, I don't have a preference for one race or another. If the girl is attractive in my eyes, then I would go after her.

  • for the most part I like all ethnicities but generally the 2 I go for the most are "African American girls and Hispanic girls (whether there puerto rican, dominican, brazilian, colombian. I like them all)


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