What are the main things a man looks for in a woman?

Besides looks, lets say you already find that person attractive, what other qualities are you looking for that will really make you fall head over heels for her?

Humor? are you looking for a woman that makes you laugh?

Confident? she knows what she wants in life?

Straight forward? she doesn't play games, she says what's on her mind?

Compliments? do men really appreciate when a woman compliments him?

Explain =)


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  • Humor:

    It's impossible to not making me laugh. I have a retarded sense of humor, and laugh at practically anything. However, of all the girls I've ever met (quite a few), only ONE of them ever tries making me laugh. It's like, she's the only girl I know who actually bothers making me laugh or smile! And this is something that actually gets on my nerves. If after a while I notice the girl doesn't even TRY making me smile, I give up immediately. It doesn't matter if she's not hilarious or anything, just as long as she TRIES to make me smile. :/


    This one isn't really important to me. If she's got other qualities besides confidence, I don't mind if she chooses to rely on me sometimes.

    Playing Games:

    Definitely something I don't want in a relationship. I am not a toy, let alone an experiment. If she wants to play games she can go find someone else, which is what I'll be doing. I know a lot of girls play games and test guys... but as far as I'm concerned, I see that as being a huge problem with them and it's just something that will prevent them from ever having a chance with me.


    I don't really mind. As long as she SHOWS she likes me, cares about me, and wants to be with me, I don't mind if she never compliments. But yeah, I do like it when she does it.

    Also one other very important thing I look for in a woman, is determination. I want a girl who won't just give up on me as soon as things start going badly. I want someone who will tell me if I'm doing something wrong, so I can try working on it, rather than simply finding somebody else.


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