What to wear to a night club as a guy?

So I got invited to a nightclub by a few girls last night. Tbh I've never been to a nightclub and I'm not sure what to wear. Any suggestions? Style tips? Pictures would be helpful :) thank you!


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  • I hate to be That Person who gives you the answer "It depends"... but... well... it depends. 😛

    It depends not just on the typical standard of the club itself, but also on YOUR comfort zone.
    Y'know, kinda like "business casual" might be a polo shirt and khakis -- or even jeans -- for dude no. 1, but for dude no. 2 "business casual" could still be a whole suit, just minus the tie, and maybe with a single-breasted instead of double-breasted jacket.
    It all depends on the individual.


    If you rllyrllyREALLY just don't know, then, here's what you should do:

    * Wear NICE jeans.
    (mostly or entirely solid dark color; minimal stonewashing/distressing; NO rips/tears)

    * Wear designer sneakers, if you have them.
    wear a pair of loafers that aren't too formal or shiny.
    maybe wear a pair of ankle boots, if you can rock that look (if you're not sure, then, srry but you probably can't).

    * Wear a WELL FITTED designer t-shirt.
    Wear a button-down shirt **that isn't a dress shirt** (= NOT the type of shirt you would wear to court... or to a funeral... or with a tie).

    * And then...
    Just wear a black or navy blue blazer over it.
    (made of LIGHT / airy material... not a heavy wool sport coat)

    Bam. Instant "convertible" outfit.
    If you need more dressy... just leave the blazer on. (Hence the light fabric.)
    If you feel overdressed... off to coat check with the blazer (or leave it in yr car, if yr group has a DD with a car).

    Basically, no matter what, you'll be able to fit in. Just tossing on a blazer on top of an otherwise casual outfit makes a HUGE difference.


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  • Check on the dress code of the nightclub. Some nightclubs are more chill about it, and if they are, I say sneakers are a good option, if you plan to be jumping and dancing all night. Good sneakers, not shitty/running ones. Jeans and a t-shirt is fine.

    If they do have a dress code, then wear some nice jeans, a buttoned shirt, and some nice shoes, not super nice, but more classy than sneakers.


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  • You should check this out, there are photos for references... theidleman.com/.../

    • How have I not realized that people actually read articles to find out what they should wear? And why does it make me a little freaked out?

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    • If they don't have an interest in style they shouldn't go taking someone else's style advice to pretend like they have an interest in it to impress someone... that's what I mean...

    • @frozenhorizon I understand where you're coming from but I don't think of it that way, people often ask for fashion advice so I don't think it's pretending unless the guy starts talking about how much he loves fashion, then that's where a problem would start.

  • it actually depends on what city you live in.


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  • a t-shirt with a simple printing or no printing at all, a hoodie (dont wear the hood tho), and a pair of jeans with some sneakers

  • Polo shirt Jeans/shorts...

  • well, it depends, some have a dress code, but, generally, you don't wear jeans to it. you can if they don't have a dress code, but, it's frowned upon


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