Do you like waxed / Shaved Smooth male body?

Do you like and prefer waxed / Shaved Smooth male body over a very hairy au naturel hairy male?

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  • I'd prefer a hairy man because that's manly as hell (muscles, too). It's natural to be hairy. Just shower once or twice a day to stay clean, whatever keeps him fresh. I'd personally like to keep my own body waxed and shaved, though. As a feminine person, I don't want a feminized-looking man.

    • Seriously?
      What if a man is super hairy man?
      In such a case what would you feel and want him to do?

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    • Phrasing the same question over and over in different ways. You must be that guy I blocked once.

    • i ain't a troll for sure!
      i was just curious. Don't be annoyed. Actually i am really very hairy male and add to it i am a skinny guy. So... you can get my insecurity and mental state and emotional pain.

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  • I actually like waxed/shaved smooth skin.. and I think it's great if women and men shave themselves. If I wouldn't shave myself I would probably look like a gorilla & men would definitely not like this at all... so I also don't like it when men don't shave themselves at all. Of course men don't have to shave themselves constantly (like every day or so) but they should take care of their hygiene and keep a rather natural look.

  • shaved one but i don't think my future spouse will. i m Indian... here boys rarely bother about these things

    • i think now a days even Indian men are shaving their body!
      So , in general you do like it when guys shave everywhere neck to toe?
      hey , i have a question , suppose a man is unfortunately excessive hairy man 9 cursed unfortunately , he can't help it na ) but he uses electric shaver to shave everywhere neck to toe... he leaves the forearms all natural... would you be able to like him?

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    • what 2inches taller? low standard?

    • You are 5'5 and the shortest man you can like is 5'7 which means you can like a man who is merely 2 inches taller than you!!

  • No a bit of hair is normal nd a sign of masculinity

    • how much "bit of hair"is sign of masculinity and why?

    • A bit on chest... A trimmed beard... Normal hairs on body parts... Thats it... I dont like animal. Luking males... Hahah

    • would you prefer animal looking male who shaves it all off? or even if he shaves everywhere you would not be able to find animal man attractive at all?

  • Hair is natural so a hairy man is okey. But shaved male are perfect too. I think that nobody should tell us (men or women) if we must be shaved or not , it is our own decision.
    A female can be hairy and a male can be shaved or vice versa and it's good.
    You like the person not the quantity of hair.

    • but once you enter the relationship and you have to see , cuddle and touch a man all naked then wouldn't his abundance of body hair everywhere matter and bother you?

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    • If he is really skinny and he has A LOT of body hair , maybe it isn't really attractive. Too much hair for too little body hahaha. Some hair in your shoulders and in the belly is okay for me, it can be sexy. But if you can make braids with it.. In my opinion that's not sexy at all

    • i am talking about long thick dense hair actually :(

  • Yuck! Guys are meant to be manly. I don't like guys who shave or wax any part of there body except the head or face. Long hair is also gross.

    • You don't like men who even Shave or wax their chest stomach shoulders and back, if that's all natural hairy?

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    • I don't know him.

    • Google him then!1 lol

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