Why is it that?

Girls are encouraged to do well in school and they end up getting good jobs, while boys get bullied for doing well, called nerd, dweeb, get treated like sh*t, and then turn to drugs to escape from reality, and end up in prison.


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  • ummm sure...

    there is a big difference between a guy who does well in school, and a guy who is a nerd or a dweeb. if you get called a nerd/dweeb its not simply because you're academic, social skills, style, the way you look come into play. there are also girls who get bullied and ostracized too. can't blame everything on sexism, sorry!


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  • because girls are better then guys.

    your lucky you're smart enough that you just figured it out.

    some men never do..

    and wanacot gets it too, but 2 men in this world is not enough to change my main point.

    • No I was just making a point. Women get by in life from their looks (vast majority), men by their abilities.

    • ehhh vast majority is debatable. don't waste your time with girls who get by on looks, or use them as a comparison to most girls. even we girls get annoyed with other girls who get by on looks, but most of the time its just jealousy.

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  • You're right, there are absolutely no guys with good jobs. All the world's leaders and richest people are all girls. Why hasn't the media picked up on this?

    • That's what's left over from the baby boom generation... look at the current generations. Look at college enrollment statistics.

    • Seriously. When is the US going to finally get a male president?

      Turning to drugs is one's own choice, not something somebody else decides for you. Nobody's fault but your own. If people don't like your success, let them know how the top of the mountain feels. People are going to say mean things, that's just something you have to deal with. Do what you want, not what somebody else wants.

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