Do stretch marks stay on your body until you die?

like if you don't treat them or do anything to them , do they stay on your body forever .am just wondering...


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  • yea, they stay, if untreated as far as I know. you can buy some oils or other products over the counter that make them less visible (cocoa butter stuffs, bio oil etc)

    they take ages to work though, depending on some things, such as how moisturized your skin is (if its dry= takes longer, doesn't work), how fast you get rid of normal scars and marks naturally, etc.

    I've been on it for roughly 1 1/2- 2 months, some have faded, others haven't.

    there's also other methods, some new technology where they do something to the scar tissue (don't ask me what exactly. I forgot), and apparently the results are very good. it's very pricey though.


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  • You can't get rid of stretch marks, but you can make them barely visible with 'over-the-counter' items. Just rub the stuff over your stretchmarks, and it'll make them 'vanish (sort of)'


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  • They fade over time, usually to a silvery colour, and become less noticeable, but they will never go away completely.