So I was wondering... I'm currently working on my abs... right now I only have a nice flat stomach... kind of like this...


but I would want my abs to be visible... even when I'm not flexing them. Is that possible?

I was "googling" this, and it says you need like 6% body fat to be able to do that... and that's impossible for girls...(we need about 18% to be regular) so I'm guessing that's for guys... anyone know what it is for girls?

I'm currently at 17-18% body fat...and I don't want to lose weight!

I'm 5'8" 115lbs.

Any way for my abs to be more visible? Do I have to just keep working at them?

Thank you! :)

oh and if you're gonna be rude, you don't need to waste your time k?


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  • "Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym"

    You're going to have to heavily monitor what you eat and how often if you want your abs to be visible.

    Personally I think having a flat stomach on a girl is way sexier than a 6-pack.

    • Maybe I'll just stick to my flat stomach then... I like eating... and if I stop eating or really paying attention to what I eat, people will start to wonder... and that won't be good with my weight. thanks for your answer! :)

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  • My girlfriend has visible abs even when she is not flexing she is more on the ripped side on summers she drops to 7-9% to look more ripped for the beach, the rest of the year she is at 12-14% and still visible but she looks way hotter at 7% in my opinion

  • Your right! 6% body fat is WAAAAAAYYYY to low. It should be no lower then 12%.

    If you go to a gym do pull down abs.

    It's done at a cable station. Always start with a light weight & adjust it from there.

    You kneel on the floor with the lat pull down rope behind your head & using ONLY your abs bend to the ground & try to touch your knees.

    I do 6-8 sets with 25 reps per set. Adjusting the weight as I go.

    You will see your abs start to form at the top & then pop the rest of the way down.

    I only do this exercise once per week, but do something different every day.

    If your unsure watch someone who is doing them & then ask them for their help.

  • You have to run and do cardio. You also have to eat right. 70% food intake 30% exercise.

  • Flat stomach beats a six pack any day. Good luck.


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  • I don't think it's really possible if you've tried without succeeding before. I'm 5'10 and 120 pounds.

    My measurements :

    Boobs : 33 inches

    Waist : 24 inches

    hips (thickest part of your butt) : 35 inches

    inseam : 35 inches.

    I'm pretty tall and thin but I still only have a flat stomach. I think it depends on your body type because Gwen Stefani has abs, and she doesn't look that skinny. :P

  • Hey Mormon girl! (I'm mormon too!) Lol anyway it depends on your genetics. Some girls can have a six-pack and some just plain can't.

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