Every species on Earth looks awesome without clothes: why humans look ugly?

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  • You did a poll and most people said humans look ugly naked? What explains the 15 million guys addicted to porn then? XD

    • Hahaha! only guys? :D Well porn is about sex when both male and female do mutual action, which is of big interest for people :P this question is rather asking individual looks :D

    • Lol yeah, literally 15million guys only, so add up women too. Thats one huge number.
      not sure if it was 15 or 5 million tbh, still a big number tho lol xD
      I know its about that BUT if they didn't find it attractive then they wouldn't see it, porn is obviously with no clothes on, so that obviously attracts many people who dont find it ugly xD

      and yeah, got ya 😄

    • Hahaha! yes whatever the number is, they are interested in exploring some funny ideas to spice up a boring life style lol...

      Also this links is interesting to read :P

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  • I find the skewing of the standard of beauty true. However I also believe that another factor is in play.

    It's true a human body can seem unpleasant for many; but there are those who say otherwise. I believe it depends completely on how you take it.

    Poll was conducted several times throughout the past decade on what type of body types were preferred (photos of body without face). Surprisingly, not too many preferred jacked or muscular; more on the verge of dad/mom bod. So... How?

    Each presented their reasoning - feel free to look them up on youtube or google. What I got from them was that although, sculpted looks are pleasing to the eyes, normal bods are more attractive because of the changes in perspective according to their experiences.

    So although you may find human bod unattractive right now, that may not be the case in the future. Keep your question and opinions to refer back to later : )


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  • I don't think humas when naked are ugly, especially women's bodies. It's really beautiful and sightseeing for men. Problem is we are just not used to it cuz we live in society with clothes. If in nudist community, I dare say they think their own bodies are beautiful and natural as it be.

  • Why do you think humans are ugly? You are judging by the wrong criteria.

    • I had a poll before and majority people said humans look ugly when they are naked

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