If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

I haven't seen my ex in almost two years he came back in town and the feelings are still there even though we broke up over a year ago our relationship was long distance. Well he has a girlfriend now and he still have feelings for me and I still live him so we have been hanging out and it just complicates things more I know because were so far away it wouldn't work he has mention going to the same college as me but I don't know what to do. I wrote him a letter stating exactly how I felt about everything which made him tear up that showed me he cares. His family loves me so it adds on. Like should I let it go and date? Oh yea we kissed a few times so I feel like the other woman :( this is my second year of college and I plan to transfer to Florida he has a scholarship offer and he thinks I should go to that school but I don't think it's a good idea to follow him. I should let him follow me if he wants to be with me that bad? And what do you think me and him went on a double date with his older brother and his wife does that mean anything?


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  • I've been in a similar situation.

    if you feel like you have put most part to make things work its his turn.

    Like you said if he really cared for you and wanted to be with you he would act on it.

    Of course you can't just make him leave the other lady the next day. You have to give him time to get things straighten out. If he's with her there has to be a reason for it..which might be that he likes her as well but is probably confused as to who to chose.

    The other thing is just be straight out with him. Just ask him with respect what he thinks about the relationship between you two? Tell him you love him like crazy and that if he has no plans on beign with you then its better off separated...in the end its your choice do what you feel is best..dont think of yourself as the other woman because your feelings are true

    • I like your answer yea every chance I get with him I tell him that I love him like my friend said it to me that I'm the other woman. Like my letter made him tear up he tells me he thinks in the future we would be together because we can be by each other by then you kno? How dud your situation turn out?

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    • At first I felt as if I was doin most of the work but lately he's been doin all of the work for us to hang out which seems to be a change at the same time I don't want to rush things and end up messin it up I was thinking maybe I should give him his space and make chase me like yesterday we hung out I left crying he had a game and did horrible I don't know if what I say to him affects him like that is good for him :(

    • Thats cool that he's putting in his part..with more reason it shows he cares..if he didn't he would just blow you off. But I'm glad you aren't like other chicks that put pressure on the guy 24/7 you understand that he needs his space just like you need yours. Don't cry..easier said then done but I'm just gonna tell you what a guy said to me once..just knowing that you are there for him, its everything he needs

  • He has a girlfriend.

    If he were serious about being with you again, he'd dump her.

    I say, until he drops his current girlfriend, you do nothing.

    And for the whole college thing - NEVER make your life plans to revolve around a guy. Go to school where YOU want to go, and for the right reasons. Don't even give this a guy a second thought when it comes to planning your education and your future.

    Like Lady Gaga says, your career will never wake up one morning and tell you it doesn't love you anymore (or something to that effect).

    Good luck.

    • I like that lady gaga quote yea I'm not going to his school I'm applying to where I want to go because if I was to go somewhere and he made me unhappy what can I do nothing so I'm apply where I want to go if he wants to apply that's great