Guys: Natural or Dramatic Eye Makeup? :]

Hey, guys! [: I had a quick question for you all about eye makeup on a girl. I wear mascara and a little bit of blue eyeliner (to bring out my blue eyes), but I don't know if it looks so great because the mascara I use is on the black side, and the blue eyeliner isn't so natural I guess you could say. Also, I have a very light skin tone (practically pale) and blond hair. So, the question is: Would you prefer a girl who wears a brownish/black mascara and brown eyeliner to look more natural, or a girl who wears black mascara and different colored eyeliner like black and blue? :)

These are links on what I consider to be natural and dramatic :) Please focus on the eyes and not so much the face :D Oh, and the girl with the dramatic style has eyeliner going all along the bottom of her eyes which I wouldn't really do. Sorry about being so jumbled up on details. :(

Natural: link

Dramatic: link

Any links would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time! If you have any more questions about this question (hehe), then feel free to post them as your answer! ^_^


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  • Natural if I'm looking for a relationship. Dramatic if I'm looking for sex.

  • Dramatic is way better to me.


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