Young Looking Guys?

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Is it a turn-off if a guy appears to be younger than his age (face/body)? I'm 22 y/o and am a little perturbed as I feel like girls don't pay much attention to me because I still have a bit of a boyish thing going on. What's your opinion? :)


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  • There are plenty of girls who are into guys with boyish looks.

    I wouldn't be turned off in the least that you look younger than you are.

    I always get told one way or the other. I'm 20 and people always think I'm either 18 or 22. Very odd. But I couldn't care less. No guys have ever commented either way.

    Good luck.


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  • older guys who have a boyish face is totally adorable and I find it very attractive. that's my opinion but think about it when you get older you'll still look young. :)

    FYI you're very cute...not to be a creeper or anything :) haha


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  • i'm sure they think about it in the same way guys think about young looking girls. don't try to make up for it by being macho because they pick up on that. just be yourself and confident. everything will fall into place.

    it's not the best thing, but it's not exactly bad. it's just different. don't worry about it.