Girls, Red Lipstick: MAC, or Glossier?

I want a red lipstick to bring up my mood in the winter, but don't know whether to choose Glossier's "Zip", or one of MAC's shades (Ruby Woo or Diva, I tried on a well-known red a long time ago and forgot which one it was).

So far to my knowledge, these are my pros and cons for each.

Supports my default "no makeup/simple" style
A warm red (I always get blue-reds by accident and on me they look too pink)
Great ratings

Not sure if it's moisturizing
Costs a bit more
does it last for longer than like, 2 minutes?

I love the formula (I own Spice It Up!); glides on smoothly, moisturizing and lasting
Wil cost me less
Again, great ratings

I love the idea of rocking a lip that demands attention daily, but also know that in reality I gravitate towards the "Fresh-faced girl next door" look.
I don't wear any other makeup; Just my naturally bold brows with coconut oil. Would that make for a cool look (potential to liven me up!), or would the MAC be overpowering alone? I already have pretty full lips 👄

I also have medium brown/dark skin, dark brown eyes and dark brown curly hair. In the winter, my go-to uniform is a solid colored cropped crewneck sweatshirt, high waisted skinny jeans or leggings and combat boots. Pretty minimal/simple


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would pick the glossier Zip.

    It's enough to put colour on your lips but not be too bold and overpowering that people can see you coming from a mile away. It's minimalistic in other words.

    I feel like the Mac colour choice is too vibrant during winter. Winter is for subtle and natural tones.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Get the Ruby woo, I have it. It's non sticky and stays on All day. I love it!

  • I like MAC


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