Why does my friend do this?

As of late my friend has been telling me when she thinks someone is cute on TV. Or who she has a crush on that's famous? I am a guy I could care less. Why would she be doing this? Is she looking for a reaction why do girls do this?


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  • Well there are two options here.

    She either likes you and is trying to make you jealous so she cn see if you like her also. ( Yea I know. We have f***ed up ways of doing things.)

    Or she's just blabbing like most girls do without any thought put into what she just said.

    When us girls are comfortable around someone we do this quite often.

    Just say sh*t because we feel liike vocalizing something.

    Best answer I can come up with.


What Guys Said 1

  • this is what girls talk about I guess, since she sees you as one of her girlfriends this is what she talks to you about

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