Why would you get a tattoo? ?

Im doubting to get one on my forearm..


Most Helpful Girl

  • No because...

    What if I dislike it in years to come?

    What if person with HIV or sexually transmitted diseases came in before you, and the person didn't properly clean the equipment, because they had a bad day or something?

    What if it doesn't look as good as you thought?

    What if it hurts?

    Is it good for your body to scar it with ink? I don't think so. But it's your choice and your body. Good luck ♥


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  • because it's art on our bodies. it's a sign of our personalities and ancestors.


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  • omg don't get one! tattoos are horrible and you shouldn't be able to do something like that to your body. imagine all the judgement youd get for it. I would really suggest don't because one day you WILL regret it and wish you hadn't done it


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