Girls- what level of eye make-up do you use?

So the question is really how much do you feel comfortable with and why? What's your Favorite color combo and the biggest question of all... do you get ready for sex by doing your eye make-up as well?


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  • I'm comfortable with a lot of eye makeup, generally. I just prefer that it's not all dark. There have been times where I was just playing around, like this link , and then ended up going out like that to a fair. I didn't put it on for the intention of going out, but I figured, why remove it? The amount of compliments I got on it were actually pretty overwhelming. I very rarely ever wear that much or use THAT many colors. Something like link or link wouldn't be unusual at all for me.

    Standard, day-to-day is just like eyeliner [pencil on the bottom, liquid on the top lid], white shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eyes, and mascara. Pretty simple, but I can make the whole thing heavy or light. It's adjustable. Sometimes I'll throw on an eyeshadow [just one color, instead of multiple colors blended into each other], but usually in a neutral so it doesn't seem so intense, if intense isn't what I'm going for.

    Minimal is just mascara, or no makeup at all. I don't feel that I need to wear makeup to feel comfortable leaving my house, haha. I prefer to wear mascara, sure, but I also go out without it all the time and it's no big deal.

    Most of my eye makeup is too intense for most people, haha. Too many colors or too heavy. But it looks like I use a lot more than I do, just because the colors are vibrant and super noticeable. I don't think I could [nor would I want to] really sacrifice my love of color for the natural look that most guys seem so fond of. I like the natural look too, but I like colors and I like them loud. That's just my personality. I feel so bland when I wear shades of brown. If I only have one pop of color on my entire body, I don't feel right, haha, I don't feel like myself.

    I've never put on makeup just for the purpose of having sex, or even because I knew I was about to go out and get lucky later, haha. I put on makeup however I feel like wearing it that day if at all, and then whatever happens, happens. Most guys wouldn't notice a change in makeup, and I'm just going to sweat most of it off anyway. I hope I understood that part of the question correctly, haha.

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    • OMG! I definitely need some tips on how to get my makeup to look like your first link, it is absolutely gorgeous=]

    • Haha thanks! It's not even really structured like eye makeup should be, where you use the darkest color on your outer corners, and the lightest color on the inner corners, with darker in the crease as well. I just did a random collage of colors that match up on both sides. The only real secret to what I did there is BLENDING. Blending is the most important thing anyone needs to learn about eyeshadow, haha. Especially if the colors are vibrant or drastically different from each other.

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  • eyeliner and shadow... I like to make it look natural. I like browns, purples and greens.

  • I'm comfortable with some mascara and concealer, that's all I really put on.


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