Guys, which beauty/fashion trend would you rather apply in your life?

Explain your answer.

Both and neither are not an option. Be able to formulate and make a decision. Don't be indecisive. Saying both oe neither is not thinking and being able to make decisions.
  • Short shorts
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  • Belly long beards
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What Guys Said 2

  • Short shorts. Show off that work you put in at the gym and if Post Malone can do it then so can I. I recently saw a GW article about them too and when worn in the right way with the right body type at the right venue or event, it works.

    • Imagine if you saw a man with short shorts on and a belly long beard. That sure would be bucking society, wouldn't it?

  • what do you mean apply in my life? like actively do personally? like me wear short shorts or have a belly long beard?


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