Should I grow my hair out?

So i just found this pic, man i was tiny. looking sexy af thoShould i grow my hair out?

This was after my weight loss, right before all my gains. Lol for all you fitness people i know you can relate when seeing old pics of yourself and being like... there was a time when i didn't lift.


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  • Eh. I like it short :) and man. I feel ya. I was looking at a picture that was me a couple years ago (before I got into competitive lifting), and I'm like... holy shit my arms were so small. And I have no ass hahahahaha. I was pretty tiny and I'm so thankful I decided to bulk up. I have curves now 😫🙌🔥

    • Yeah i have like no chest in this pic or size. And i probably only weigh 10 pounds heavier now.

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  • I think you'd look good with it, or even longer hair like shoulder length


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