What are the styles that you girls find turning off

What are the styles of clothes a guy can wear that you girls will automatically find as a turn off? Where if you see a guy for the first time ever, like in the mall, and you see how he is dressed and think I would never be with a guy that looks like that? Now this could be brand names, it could be by wearing mismatching outfits, or just something that even if it is a common brand name and the guy matches and its still sets you off. but yeah Just wondering what turns you girls off. And obviously this can be more than one style so list them all if you can :)


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  • Personally, I'm not attracted to the heavy metal styles or any hardcore rocker or goth look. Guys wearing flip flops somewhere other than the beach is a turn off. Uh, I'm not into guys that wear jeans that are tighter than mine or pants that are turquoise, orange, white, or some other bright color. I also don't like the gangster look, big jeans that are placed way below the waistline and over-sized white shirts. gross.

    I couldn't care less about brand names. oh, but I am a bit turned off by Ed Hardy shirts.

    Just because your style doesn't appeal to me, it doesn't mean I won't talk you.

    • A guy who wears tighter jeans than a girl, in my opinion don't have a pair. literally.

      lmfao to color pants you have actually seen guys wear jeans that are another color other than different shades of blue? I don't understand how anyone can walk with their pants that aren't fitted to the waist.

    • Yeah, I've seen guys wear turquoise-colored pants and I once saw a guy wearing white pants. I've never even wore white pants!

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  • Honestly, for the most part, I just assume that most guys don't put much thought into what they wear and just want to be comfortable. Whether that's true or not, I don't care that much about what they're wearing. Like I'll see the guys wearing moccasins and basketball shorts, and even though it doesn't match, I won't think that much of it. Fit is more important to me than style. I think it's a turn off if the guy is wearing an over-sized t-shirt with his shorts hanging off his butt looking like capris or if the guy's pants are too short and look like high-waters.

  • Crocs, army pants, really loose clothes, g-unit...probably some other things that I can't think of right now.


    • Hahahahahahah, if I wear something that is loose that starts falling off of my waist I wear a belt. I can't stand the feeling if its not fit around my waist.

  • it doesn't really bother me, but I just hate shirts that have dragons or... star treck...star wars.lol

    but like I said, no biggie. :)

    • Hahah the last time I wore a shirt that is from a tv show or a movie was when I was like 8 or so years old. and it was a star wars one lol. and this is what it looks like https://screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/star_wars_episode_one_the_phantom_menace_ver1.jpg with the words don't look behind you, but like I said. That was when I was around 8 years old Haven't worn a shirt based off a movie or a tv show since my childhood

    • Lmao. it looks better on little kids.lol

      i see grown men wear them & it just bugs me sometimes.lol

    • Haha I don't blame ya

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