Underwear questions?

1. What kind of underwears do you wear?

2. How often do you buy new underwear and throw out old underwear?

3. Which is your favorite color?

4. Do you have any disney characters underwear?

5. What is your size?

6. How many pairs of underwear do you have?

7. Do you think giving underwear is an appropriate gift? When would you give underwear as a present and when not? Why? Have you given underwear as a gift?

8. Do you Carry a second pair in your school bag or purse?

9. Would you wear your underwear for a week if it is not dirty? how long would you wear an underwear for?

10. Any other underwear questions you would like to add?


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Bikini style
    2. Every 3-4 months abs I throw out my old ones as son not as I get new ones.
    3. Green and black
    4. No , but would love too!
    5. Size 4
    6. 12
    7. No very inappropriate, Christmas, because whom would want underwear for Christmas.
    8. Yeah In my purse
    9. Yeah as long as they aren't dirty.


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  • 1 womens bikini or hi cut mostly
    2 buy a few times a year maybe more throw out old ones when ness.
    3 mostly neutral colors... some pink purple blue red etc.
    4 no
    5 l or xl in some cases
    6 more then 20
    7 all yes
    8 no
    9 no change everyday maybe twice a day depending

  • 1. Contour Pouch Briefs
    2. I buy a few pairs every month or so
    3. Blue or Black
    4. I don't have any underwear with cartoon character print
    5. US Medium
    6. Probably around 30
    7. Only if you know what the persons preferences are in underwear.
    8. I do not.
    9. I don't wear underwear two days in a row, and depending on my level of activity, I might change it more often than that.
    10. Nope

  • Lol that question..

    1. Boxers / 2. I don't know maybe 1 time in few months because I usually wash them / 3. Black /4. No, but there is a letter on it writes '' I am huge in Japan'' lol / 5. Large ;DD /6. None / 7. I wouldn't give it as a gift to anyone lol / 8. I carry one in my sport bag./ 9. Yeah I would.

  • 1. pouched thong (look up obviously underwear)
    2. about every 6 months
    3. blue
    4. no
    5. large
    6. I don't know around 20
    7. depends who you're giving it to
    8. no
    9. no, I wear one pair of underwear a Max of 2 days
    10. do you go commando?

  • 1 boxers
    2 evrey other month or so
    3 black
    4 no safely
    5 large
    6 right now like 8
    7 yes but only to people you'd think it wouldn't make things awkward with. I have given it before to significant others.
    8 no
    9 no, 4 days max
    10 nope

  • 1. Boxer briefs

    2. Every 4 months

    3. Black, blue or gray

    4. Nope. All my boxers are plain color

    5. US Medium

    6. 13

    7. Do you think giving underwear is an appropriate gift? When would you give underwear as a present and when not? Why? Have you given underwear as a gift?
    It depends on who you're giving the present. I wouldn't gift underwear unless I know them very well. Yea, as a joke.

    8. Nope

    9. If there's no other choice, then yes I'll do it. 5 days maximum

    10. How often do you go commando?

  • i am wearing those with a hole in the butt... jk why u asking tho?

  • im curious what you wear now.

  • Boxers for outside. Panties for indoors.

    The last time I bought one was years ago.

    Grey or black.



    I think I answer most of these questions on another post.

  • 1) boxers 2) I buy once a month & throw away once every I don't know 3 months 3) black 4) yes Elsa 5) medium 6) No joke about 30, most of then are unused. 7) Its a crappy gift and I'll never do it 8) No 9) No and probably 12 hrs 10) why do you care about underwear this much?


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