How to become a commercial and print model?

Like which steps should I take first?

1. Get a portfolio of 10 pictures with upcoming photographers or on Tfp?
2. Send some of my best pictures to near by modeling agencies
3. Wait for them to contact me
4. Move on after 2 weeks if no response

1. Walk into an open cast
2. Build my modeling portfolio with an agency
3. Let them guide me


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  • What I did:
    - Made a portfolio on MM
    - Had a combination of applying to agencies online and several agencies finding and contacting me
    - Went in for interviews, got signed, worked


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  • A mix of both. Get a portfolio, actively search and go to open castings.

    It's a tough job and very competitive, so it's always good to have a plan B.

    Good luck. 😉

  • I'd say #4 is wrong, never wait, actively chase them. That is, if you really want to do it for a living.

  • The latter. Don't get your hopes up.


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  • Take some test shots of yourself and make your self known in instagram. Be creative. No one just becomes a model willingly.

  • Build your portfolio with an agency, you'll get better jobs, quicker because they know what the industry needs.

    • Unless they REALLY want you as their model, they won't waste their photographers' time on test shoots for free. They'll require you to pay the photographer and HMUA which can cost starting from $500 to $2000 which results in it basically being a scam. I think this is OP's case

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    • Yeah that means its not a scam. They don't get commissioned for you signing with them though, unless you're referring to a contract with a brand deal. They shoot for free only if they see something in the model. A lot of the times a girl who isn't model material will want to be a model and some agencies will use that as an opportunity to suck money from her through various fees. In the end she doesn't get any jobs and they got their $1000

    • Wow thank you guys so much 💕✨👍🏾

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