Do girls need to look like they are weak?

I've been told a couple times that girls need to appear weak like they need a man to do things for them. Is that true or is that just some of my friends being stupid? By weak I mean losing games, not being able to open bottles or lift things without their help.


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  • No, I don't pretend to be "Weak" but if a man is around I may ask to him to open a door for me or a bottle, just so he can feel useful. Now, of course, I can do these things by myself but it gives him a chance to strut his manliness. If we are with a mostly male crowd playing a game, I would do my best to make him look good. There is absolutely nothing for me to gain by making him look inferior in front of his peers. And by doing that, I would expect him to do the same for me when I am around my friends. Basically, ask him to do something easy and thank him, then he'll feel good about himself and think you're great. And you're letting him take credit for doing exactly what you wanted. Haha =]

    • While I can see where you're going with this, don't overdo it. If you ask him to do something that's TOO easy, then he'll call you on your crap, which will probably make him angry.

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  • Quite frankly, your friends sound like they'd make excellent trophy wives.

    Most sensible guys will know that you're capable of doing small things yourself. If they can tell you're faking the act, it will probably just annoy him, either due to the fact that you're lying, or the fact that you're essentially using him to do things for you. If you genuinely cannot do it, then most guys would be more than willing to at least help. Just don't push it.


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  • unless ur flirtin and wants his attention. .overall noooo, you dun have to pretend to be weak, if you are in some places then u'll get help. .but do things by yourself. .can't be depending on guys!