Do self tanning lotions work, and or should i?

quite pale, but, I've heard women are more attracted to suntanned people. i dont tan though, i burn.. so, thought id try one of those self tanning lotions you see in the store. i don't want to go to a bed, im claustrophobic


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  • First up, fake tanning is a TONNE of work. A lot, not just the application but the preperation and removing old tan. Be prepared for this lol. If you're going to try it go for a tanning mousse (the lightest one) and apply it with a tanning glove. Make sure you exfoliate well with an exfoliating glove and soap.
    If you've never done it before I'd try a professional spray tan and see if you like it (many, many men get spray tans)

    I don't have a particular attraction for tan vs pale. I'm pale too and have just learned to accept and appreciate my skin, and to take care of it so it doesn't age badly.

  • yes , st tropez and loving tan


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