How girls get a subtle glow on their skin, particularly legs?

I often notice that girls who have very clean and smooth legs, they also have a subtle glow on the skin of their legs. I keep wondering, how do they get that. Do they apply something or is it just an illusion


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  • Shaving is like exfoliating too- its getting rid of dead skin, while also, well, shaving! With the combination of that, and also your shaving cream ( I use a moisturizing cream that makes my legs so freakin smooth) I guess that adds the glow effect. I don't know if you were looking for a detailed explanation, but ya got mine :)

    • I love when a girl has smooth legs. but she shouldnt feel like she has to. its a pain to shave. TRUST ME. lol. and you shouldnt have to if you don't want to

    • Great explanation. Much appreciated. Makes perfect sense.

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  • lotion

    I use link

    but it's nice to know that guys notice

    • Many notice; many don't. For me, what I notice is important to me. I guess its all about personal preferences.

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  • armchair girls fashion here. I know nothing about why they have certain things and such but..

    i think its got to do with either the lotion they use..or just the tan that they have. I doubt its makeup..they don't make leg makeup :P

    • I agree. That is very likely. It must be some kind of lotion they apply after removing hair. I used to think it is was the slight glow from sweat but I have noticed it indoors in airconditioning too :) Always makes me wonder if I am crazy for making such observations.

    • They probably take it into consideration that ur noticing the little details long as you don't make a big deal about it, itll be fine. theyd rather be complimented on their personality then their looks. they already know they look good

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