Which shirt should I wear for going to the firework tomorrow?

I will be wearing a jeans shorts and black sandals.
  • A yellow shirt
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  • A soccer shirt
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  • A polo shirt
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Most Helpful Guy

  • As someone who works closely with fire, i would say ditch the sandals. I nearly burned a hole through my foot because i was wearing sandals once and an ember embedded itself into my skin. Pretty painful believe me.

    • Thanks for the advice but I will be kind of far from it so I don't think I will get burned from it. I should check meteo too it was so rainy today that I think it wouldn't be very hot tomorrow so maybe I will have to wear sneakers :)

    • Just watch and see, if you aren't using the fireworks then slippers should be fine :)

    • Yes, i'm not using it, just watching it ^-^

      If I was doing it i would be much more careful.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think the yellow would stand out and be a bit more fun and festive! Since fireworks are always interesting to attend. Hope you have a nice night! Don't forget bug repellant.. Those mosquitos are getting more active.. I almost got but the other day I was like "not today lol" but I gotcha. ✌🏼️

    • Thanks for your opinion, they weren't any mosquitos so it was great ^-^

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    • Yes, they do, hopefully where I live there's not a lot of them. Thanks ^-^

    • Haha yeah ofc! Happy to help ^-*

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  • well i think you should wear faded shorts, a red, white and blue blouse w/spaghetti strings, with cute sandles and wear a red, white and blue flower crown , with a nice long necklace! 😇

  • Light shorts? Dark shorts?

  • A soccer shirt

  • Yellow, seemed most applicable than compared to too sporty or preppy


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