Can someone explain to me what semi-permanent hair dye is? and if I'll ever be able to grow my hair back to it's original colour?

Basically I'm getting my hair done really soon, and was just wondering how it works. I've seen people online say they can never get their hair colour back. Is that true? Or just online scaremongering?

Any help is gladly received :)


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  • To my knowledge, the difference between regular dyes and semi-permanent dyes is that you can't simply wash out the latter. The people you talked to online were bullshitting you, because your hair will go back to it's natural color, it's just that depending on how close to your roots you dye it, it could take a REALLY long time.

    The only way to completely get back to your natural color is to just keep getting your regular trims and wait. New hair will grow in your natural color, so you'll just have to keep trimming until all the dyed hair is cut off and the natural colored hair has replaced it.


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  • That's online scaremongering. Dye only affects the part of the hair outside of your scalp. Any new growth will be your natural colour.

    Semipermanent dye eventually washes out, to the best of my understanding. If you're a very light blonde your hair can be "stained" by a bad dye job and require a lot of processing by a skilled professional to fix it - but it will still grow in the right colour.

    • My hair is naturally dark, and I'm getting it done by a professional. So I think it should turn out well, I hope.
      It's good to know it's just scaremongering, I'm gonna stay away from the Internet in the future 😅

    • Sometimes it can be helpful (like yours truly) but others it just... yeah.

    • Totally agree :)

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  • I think they were referencing how some of them fuck up the pigment of the hair you put it on and turns green or whatever, but yeah don't worry about that. Worst comes to worse and you die it your natural color once and you're good, big whoop.

  • why would you not ask your hairdresser or you're doing it yourself

    • I am going to inquire to my hairdresser. I'm seeing them in 2 days. So I hope they can help me before I make a drastic change.

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    • Thanks, I will take blue into consideration. It was the colour I originally intended to go with. So who knows, depends on how I feel on the day I guess :)
      And I can change it up too because it's only semi

    • thank you hot girl gorgeous

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