Does anyone know what type of shirt this is?

This one is cheap so I'm sure it looks bad to most of you. But i really like shirts with the pocket and shoulder parts. This world be a shirt i'd wear with jeans and some kind of smart/casual set of boots.

I don't know the name of this kind of shirt though? Is it a pocket shirt? I've tried finding this kind of thing online but this is the only thing i can really find.


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  • The shoulder details in the photo you linked are called "epaulets." They are an ornamental shoulder piece typically on the coat or jacket of a military uniform.

    Searches on Amazon that would yield the combo of pockets and shoulder detail are:

    Men's military two pocket shirt
    Men's tactical dress shirt
    Men's epaulet dress shirt
    Men's two pocket epaulet shirt


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  • Just a regular button down long sleeve shirt with pockets, looks fine to me in cooler weather


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