I have to look absolutley HOT any tips or ideas? Help!

I'm going to a concert type event with my friend and this guy who flirted with me non stop but ended up going out with one of my friends (if you even call her that) So I need to look absolutely sexy so he knows what he missed out on! Its a t-shirt and jeans type of event so I can't do much clothes wise but I need some hair and makeup tips. Guys is there something that a girl can do that will turn you on? And girls what makes you look drop dead gorgeous?


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  • I did the exact same thing as you and it actually worked. I had my hair down and slightly messy at the top, had darker make up which pulled more attention to my eyes as well as a black t-shirt, the way it hung loosely somehow accentuated my curves. Also, dark skinny jeans and some converse. He payed a lot of attention to me and told me he thought I was beautiful and I then told him, "too bad for you that I've already got a lot more guys that think the same and DIDN'T choose my friend over me, then, eh?" I don't know what I really got out of it except self-satisfaction and confidence but oh well, it worked and felt good:)


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  • That guy in not interested into. Sorry to break the bad news.

    Guys that got "game" will generally flirt with the friend and win her over before they go for the girl that he finds attractive.


    1 - She will not **** Block him

    2.- She will either try to get him back (which in this case your doing) or she will approve of him to her friend and they can date. (is a win win for the guy because now he got major attraction going for him)

    How do I know, I do the exact same thing and most of the time, I don't even realize it. I had a friend that pointed this out to me. Anyway, that guy is really smooth.

    Sorry, but nature can be cruel. Were just animal. We can't choose who were attracted or not.

  • messy hair look as some one said...or totally straight and flowing

    and don't over do the make up something subtle but that's all


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  • If you're gonig to a concert it's gonig to be realllly hot, especially if you plan on being in the mosh pit or standing area. I'd wear a tight tank top and some skinny jeans with some comfy shoes, as for make-up and hair don't do anything that's going to melt off or get poufy because you might b sweating! I'm not sure what type of hair you have (striaght/curly or wavy?) but I'd work WITH your natural texture so it doesn't frizz up :) whatever you decide on good luck!

  • I'd go for the slightly 'messy' hair look. A light dark smokey eyeliner cover, maybe darker nails (dark red, blue or black).

    Good luck!

  • Try these looks makeup wise...something dramatic

    LOVE her eye makeup link


    can't go wrong with the smokey eyes link