Braces Color & Do you like?

So I am getting braces and I want to know what the best color would be for me. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. Do you think there is a pretty color that would bring out my eye color? Also, do you personally like braces or no?

*I have no idea what category this should go in :)
I'm not going to get yellow, white, or a dark green because of suggestions saying they will make my teeth look dirty.
Any tips from current or previous braces wearers?


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  • I think light blue would look nice. As far as liking braces: I don't think they are a fashion accessory but they are necessary for a short time.
    I have had them twice and hated them each time but now I really like my teeth so I wouldn't go back.
    Just make sure you brush! :-)

    • The flossing and brushing are the most important. I was only 14 when i got my first set and I have a spot on one tooth that you can clearly tell was a brace.
      Also, after they come off, make sure you wear your retainer. I didn't which is why I ended up with a second set of braces.

    • I will keep that in mind, thanks! :)

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  • Eh maybe look up examples on the internet. Because when I had yellow, it looked like my teeth had a strange color on pics.
    I loved my braces, changing color every month haha

    • I have been doing "braces research" for months, but I was just trying to get more suggestions. Thank you for your help :) I'm not going to get white, silver, yellow, or a dark green because I heard a lot of negatives about those colors. I'm really thinking a blue (my favorite color) would look nice, and I really like black.

  • You will look beautiful with and without them. But for now try a red or dark blue

  • i would get a pale blue, or maybe a pale purple

  • I need braces too. Get silver ones or Invisalign.


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