Is there any way I can get my hair to grow longer faster?

I never should've gotten it cut. >:(

How can I get it to grow longer faster? I've heard massaging my scalp would help, but it doesn't seem to be working. What else should I do? Are there pills I could take?

My hair is too thick already. I want it longer, and if possible thinner.


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  • Certain vitamins can help:

    -Biotin.I do take these everyday,they do help.Unfortunately my hair is very curly so you can see the hair growth when I straighten it.It is known to help sin,hair and nails,but some people have said it can cause them to break out or worsen cystic acne.If you do begin taking Biotin pills,don't be freaked out when or if you pee highlighter yellow,biotin isn't toxic,it isn't fat soluble which means it does flush out.

    -Fish oil pills.I started taking these last year when I cut my hair(above my shoulders) and it...ugh...stupid short hair.Anyways,my hair began growing faster,of course,hair does have a limit as to how fast it can grow per month.

    I recommend staying away from pills that are directed towards "hair growth"

    Hair is made up of water and protein.Every strand is 1/8 water I believe,so make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated through out the day.

    The best fruits and vegetables for hair are carrots,cucumbers,apples,bananas(1 a day,no more,too much sugar),avocado(no more than 2-3 a week),strawberries,tomatoes.

    Best foods with protein are almonds,walnuts,oysters,salmon,soybeans(edamame) in moderation,tilapia,oatmeal.

    If anything,try to remain stress free,eat healthy(fruits,vegetables and protein).

    On a side note,yes massaging your scalp is said to help stimulation of blood flow,which can increase growth.Many native indian tribes use Jojoba oil while massaging.

    So In short,my recommendation:

    -Biotin pills.

    -Fish oil pills.

    -Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

    -Take care of your hair externally.Shampoo,condition.


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  • bradding your hair works you can do it b4 you go to sleep and to make your hair thinner when you go to your local hair salon they would normally gut your hair with scissors have them cut it with a razzor it will teak all the split ends off and thin it out and give it tecture

  • link

    i wasn't sure about this product at first, but I gave it a try. it wasn't doing much at first, but after a month my hair started to grow a lot faster. my friends even commented on it a lot. unfortunately, since its a little too pricey for me to buy regularly, I have only bought it once.

    btw, amazon has the best price.

    also, while I was used the F.A.S.T. products, I was taking a few of vitamins to help such as Biotin and fish oil capsules.

    oh, and my friend was telling me about this indian hair oil. she made it sound like it takes a lot of work, but she has really great hair, so you might want to look into it.


    I always have/had long hair, and I like it, but not sure what should you really do in order to grow faster. I try to cut an inch from the bottom every month, plus get rid of any split ins you have. Use good shampoo. Also, Don't expose your hair in sun too much because it can really damage your hair. Once in a while try to apply good oil in your hair and leave it on for a night, and wash it with good shampoo and conditioner in the morning. It will be a while, but this trick works for a sure. It will also help you to make shiny and thinner.

  • DON'T TAKE PILLS. they don't work at all! here's what you do, one a week, mix 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, some coconut oil, and half an avocado. work it through your hair, let it soak for a bit, and rinse it out.

  • be healthy


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  • I've heard hair growth can be significantly stimilulated by drinking large quantities of an equal mixture of unleaded gasoline, cat urine, and effluent; however, most people prefer the short hair.

    Seriously, nothing will increase hair growth to any noticable degree. Go with extensions.

    • I didn't know old men could be that funny

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    • Wow. I read the 1st paragraph then did what it says before reading the second -_-

    • Since you seem to have survived the ingestion, you can now look forward to weeks of rapid hair growth. ; - )

  • Take a lot of fruits and vegs. Use good hair care products and observe the difference. If there is non then you have probably reached your peak.

  • none of that sh*t is gonna work... and some pills can actually make it worse...

    I've used this shampoo... it makes your hair grow a lot faster... and it'll make it a lot healthier, and thicker.


    Good luck.

    • It makes your hair grow faster. if that's what you need. then get it.

  • I've heard somewhere that eating bread, especially the crust makes your hair and nails grow faster. Not sure of the source, might be a myth but worth looking at.

  • Try geting extensions, or just wait for it to grow...