Is it wrong to not like the way you look because you think you look good?

Of course everyone wants to look good.
At times I feel ugly but I know that others think I look good.
I like the way I look but I don't like when that's all people see.
I don't like when girls hate me because of it or that a guy only wants to talk to me because of it.
So, I'm grateful for how I look I just wish people would see beyond it and treat me like everyone else..


Most Helpful Guy

  • What you're you can't change it. If you accept yourself only after that people will accept you. Look the way you love yourself. you live for you not for the people.

    • That's the problem. I don't live for myself but for others.
      But I've tried to help people I thought needed it, instead they want to use me.
      In the end I always feel worse about myself..

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    • It's fine. Thank you for giving me an answer.

    • you're welcome.

Most Helpful Girl

  • i know this feeling all too well. girls are meaner to you and guys only hit on you to get in your pants.

    • What do you do about it?

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What Guys Said 2

  • um... be happy with who you are and others will be happy with you

  • there's a very bad thing to be very beautiful it brings all the bad things out in both sexes the guys won't you because you're so beautiful and the girls hate you because you're so beautiful


What Girls Said 2

  • We all have off days but all you can do is live right and not worry ab what others have to say, be humble/alert, and just handle your business

  • Just be grateful for good looks and strive to be someone worth knowing :)


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