Met this cute girl next door on bus last night but I think I screwed up?

well I ended up riding the late bus last night back from the downtown and there was this cute short dirty blond girl at bus stop I was eying up and she got on bus and sat across from me but had on her ipod so wasn't talking but she was really cute and good looking and looked like she'd make a neat girlfriend . but maybe being so late she just wasn't comfortable talking to anyone , then when it came time to get off , to my surprise as I live at one of the quiet bus stops she gets up to get off too , so she lives like rate near me but she seemed nervous when she got off and guy who also got off tried to ask her , her name and she wouldn't even answer him . so I'm not sure what to do here as I really found her super attractive and interesting plus she lives like rate near me .so she could be a good option if I could ever get her to talk to me ? so what should I do just forget about her or try and talk to her if I see her at bus stop or bus again ?


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  • You should try to talk to her again.

    • yeah now over 2 years later I'm sure she remembers me