The scene girlfriend wants me to be a scene guy?

so my girl thinks I would look super hot if I went completely scene..

girls do you think I should, I mean I skateboard so I'm "skater" I guess... I hate labels I just don't know if I should do it because it sounds dumb but she really wants me to


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  • >_> Post pictures of what kind of scene kid she wants you to be.

    And it's generally a tacky style depending what corner of 'scene' you're on.

    • She wants like the black hair and tight jeans and strictly band t's lol I don't know about strictly band t's but she is mostly lookin for what I said in the top line

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    • Im not goonna I didn't know scene kids looked that gay lmao

    • Good. xDD Lol.

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  • Don't let her change you, be yourself :)

    And I see that you've decided not to.. it does look pretty gay lol

  • Scene is gay. Only be scene if you want to be, and you sound pretty reluctant. Just tell your girlfriend to accept how you look now.

  • Not to sound rude in anyway, but why does she want you to change who you are? Don't get me wrong it's sweet that you are willing to do it for her... But there is nothig wrong with who you are now


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