Why are beautiful people in sororities and fraternities??

i've noticed majority of these sororities and fraternities have beautiful people in them, not all but most people in them tend to be the most handsome, sexy, hot. also they tend to be in social scene very much, why is that

my roommates once told me I should join a frat since I'm sexy, I was confused , I asked them won't they join one, they told me there ARE not sexy

now this is a generalization, but I'm doing this to ask a question


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  • Remember all the popular kids in high school? Well now that they are in college, they get to make cool clubs to get together and act stupid and give themselves cool names, and go out together so that everyone can see them and see how cool and awesome they are. Now granted not all sororities and frats are like this, but a majority are. The reason they only want good looking people to join is for status, who wants a bunch of ugly girls all living together? Now who likes a bunch of hot girls all living together? It's sad but the actually want to be stereotyped.

  • I'm an attractive, chubby guy and I was in a fraternity. We had all walks of life in mine. From a male model in a doctorate program to the fattest kid on campus. Any fraternity that only wants attractive people, is in it for the wrong reason. That negates the whole purpose of brotherhood.

    • I know that but that doesn't not answer the question, most of the beautiful people you find are in these organization, the question is why??, why are these organization an attraction for beautiful

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