What is it that men ogle at women wearing bras?

I think it's the smile and confidence that a women exudes while showing off her assets which make it hard for men to take their eyes off her literally! what do u think?
  • its her boobs
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  • its how much she conceals those puppies
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  • its her skin tone
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  • its her size
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  • her confidence
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  • if she knows she got it she'll kill it
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  • You know, bras are just our underwear, and wearing one does not mean we are showing off our assets. It's perfectly appropriate to find breasts sexy and notice them, but please do not ascribe sexual intent to us just wearing normal clothes in public.

    • The question is trying to figure out the male brain. Not the female.

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    • yup. that's y I did not post it in guy's behaviour category. Brings out this dichotomy of the male gaze and female perception of the male gaze. I understand your point.

    • Thank you. That's all I'm sayin.

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  • if she knows she got it she'll kill it


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