Why do girls like unavailable guys? Just challenge?

At an early age I've noticed girls who like guys who are already in relationships. In fact whenever I'm dating a girl all of the sudden it's easier for me to talk with other women and I even sometimes get approached sexually with women.

I cheated only once in my life. I was16 and had my first girlfriend. I was immature to do this (and I fessed up to my girlfriend..she got PISSED but it was the right thing to do). I was a virgin and super horny at the time. However I remember clearly two high school freshman girls where over my house while my parents were gone. They knew I had a girlfriend and yet they kept hanging around. One of them said outright "we came over here to seduce you?"

Well my girlfriend dumped me and I deserved it at the time. But I went about another year and half b4 I got to have sex again. That was 12 years ago and I've obviously grown up since. But it seems like women of ALL AGES like men who already are in relationships. Lonely guys get F***ED over!

Reverse the situation. I could care less if a girl already has a bf. In fact I'm less attracted to her if she's in a relationship. Unless I hate her boyfriend I have absolutely no impetus to make her cheat. The idea of another guy banging her really doesn't turn me on.

I've even read psychological journals about women who are attracted to guys who are already in relationships. They show pictures of men by themselves and pics with them and other attractive women. Women rated the men with other women pics as more attractive.

Well I'm recently single again and thinking about having more fb pics with me and pretty girls. I also think about going to bars/gatherings with girls who are just friends.



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  • If you read scientific material on the subject you should have some idea as to why this happens. Basically, women see a girlfriend/fiance/wife as a stamp of approval for a guy. It fast tracks that guy ahead of all the single guys. In their mind it goes something like: "well if a girl is with him it must be for a good reason".