Girls, I need hair advice! Obligatory question mark?

Alright, so my hair has been driving me CRAZY lately, and I don't know what to do about it!
Obviously, this question is aimed toward girls, but if any guys know anything that can help me out, then by all means leave a comment!
But anyways, back to my hair. I get pretty bad frizz at the top of my head, and it's not like all my hair is like that, only the top layer, so it looks kind of like a frizz halo. I've tried a lot of different shampoos and conditioners, and I've tried oil, and nothing is doing the job I'd like! The problem with my hair (other than the frizz, of course) is that it's fine hair. I thought for years that it was thick because hairdressers always told me that, but the last hairdresser I saw said it's actually fine, but dense. So basically, I don't have thin hair, but I don't have thick hair, either. Does that make sense? I just have a lot of fine hair, I guess.
The problem with fine hair is that it's easily weighed down, and too much of anything in it can make it look greasy af. THAT is my problem! When I try to combat the frizz, my hair looks greasy. And sometimes, it doesn't do the job, and my hair just looks greasy AND frizzy!
I will admit that with oil, I've only tried argan oil so far, because I heard it can work well with fine hair.
It seems that with everything I try, it works for a day, and then it all just goes to shit. As you can tell, this gets super frustrating!
I also don't have enough time in the morning to straighten my hair or anything ^^; I wake up at 4 AM most days for work, no way I'm getting up any earlier than that just to do my hair lmfao
I also shower once every two days, since washing your hair every day is actually really bad for it. I thought I should mention that in case anyone decides to suggest that :P
Does anyone know anything that might help? Maybe a different kind of oil or a specific shampoo and/or conditioner?
Thanks a bunch, I hope you all have a great day! <3


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  • Try fizz ease :) its good!

  • I have the same issues and probably similar hair as you. I don't have fine hair or thick hair; I just have a lot of hair and it does get really bad frizz at the top.

    1) I like the product by John Frieda called Frizz Ease. The only thing I do not like about it is you have to put it on wet hair, not damp hair. So you can not towel dry your hair and it sucks because I have very long hair so the back of my clothes gets really wet.

    2) The other trick I have started doing and this seems to control the frizz well is after I shower, towel dry and comb my hair, I will pull my hair back tight and then twist it and clip it in place to the back of my head. I leave it clipped until the top of my head dries. This way, the hair is held in place tightly until it dries on top and I am not running my fingers through it, which can cause frizz. Once I unclip it, the rest of my hair is still wet but it eventually dries too. This seems to really help and I do this even without any product.

    I do not blow dry my hair or use a straightening iron since I never have been able to do this well. I always seemed to make it look more frizzy.

    The few times a year I get my hair cut are the only times my hair seems to not be frizzy. I am not sure how the hair stylists manage to get the right tension and heat with the hair dryer and round brush and I wish I could do it because I love the feel of it. My hair feels so smooth. But, unfortunately, I suck at it and if I am being totally honest, I am way too lazy to dry my hair. :)

    Good luck. I hope you get some helpful advice.

  • coconut oil is your best friend. I have curly hair, and a lot of it, and coconut oil keeps me frizzless even in high humidity.


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