Why can't I get to know women?

I'm not a jerk, I might be a tad cocky because of my inexperience with women but I try to tone that down it can't possibly be the reason why I can't get women. I think I'm in good shape etc I'm not fat.

Girls look at the ground when I look at them or turn away. Maybe I'm awkward. I'll send pictures of myself to via msn maybe I'm unattractive or creepy looking who knows.

All I can say is I didn't bother with women for 3 years so I'm really out of touch now and often get called a "mans man" referring to my lifestyle of being obsessed with boxing, running and cross fit.

I'd appreciate any help I can get. I feel so far off the track right now I really don't know how to hold a proper conversation with women It's like I have the opposite of charm.

I'm just being honest here I really don't give a sh*t what people throw at me


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  • Hey, every girl likes something different..

    Maybe you shouldn't be so full on with girls..

    New Conversation With A Girl


    Be comical but not to a ridiculous level.

    Compliment her IF you mean it. But something simple that will mean something to her.. Do not over do it or she'll think you say it to everyone.

    Dont straight away expect relationship or flirting from her.

    Take interest in her life, what she's been doing..

    Tell her a bit about your interests.

    BUT MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN TO HERS, even if you really don't like them, it's easy to act like you're at least a little interested?

    witt and confidence is key but too much is a put off.


    Dont straight away send ap icture, she'll think you're looking for a compliment.

    Call her sexy or be straight off flirty.

    Dont talk about youself too much (girls like to have a fair share)

    Don't LAUGH at them and make them feel intimidated..

    Dont bragg or try to make them jealous..

    many girls will appreciate your boyish nature and boyish interests.

    maybe girls feel threatened by you, like they arnt good enough.

    They probably look to the ground because they feel you're going to want someone as perfect as you may be.

    Have a friendly welcoming face, smile at girls (dont call at them, it's such a put off) a nice sweet smile is good.

    Dont worry about yourself, everyone goes through little clueless stages..

    Somebody, somewhere, will get you. :)


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  • personally, if I even get the slightest hint of cocky then I turn around and run. its just such a hassle and COMPLETE TURN off for me. I can't explain why, its just ...so unattractive.

    its a deal breaker for me.

    but realise that cockyness and confidence are two different things. I like confidence.

    also, I don't have a problem with awkwardness, I'm really good at working around it and making people feel less awkward, especially if I'm attracted to them

    just don't try hard to impress because that's a turn off extreme, are you doing that?

    or maybe you are talking too much about yourself or being rude like cutting them off while they talk? I don't have enough details to answer this properly

  • You are putting way too much thought into it. Girls like confidence, but not cocky. Confidence meaning you are who you are, and aren't afraid to be. Also, girls like a guy who is fun (but not annoying) and who can also be there for them when needed most. Not too mushy though, you will come across gay. Just be nice I guess lol. Girls that are good relationship material do take work and it doesn't happen fast. So build a friendship and evolve it into a relationship. But, if you are looking for a one night stand, I can't help you.

  • you need to relax! you are who you are and stop being s jerk! girls hate guys like taht

    • I'm not a jerk, maybe I look like one. I don't know.

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    • Not really. My buddy was telling me all the stuff he had to go through to get into his relationships. now he's good at it. I have so much to do involving work/school I can't see how I'll find the ability to get something like this down to a T.

      I just have this underlining feeling women think I'm uninterested in them because I come across as arrogant or something.

    • Well you can't change who you are. my advice is...just be you hun! :) You will find the right girl if you are simply you...

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  • you need female friends... Just be around girls all the time..