Guys I need help with skin face care >.<?

I really really have bad face care.. My face skin is all dead.. and i have a lot of spots and black heads and this green things i don't know what they are >.< The thing got me worried now a lot that i just realised im the only one who has it? xd like in the streets i dont see no one like my face.. and like i live in the big city but still i see no one like my face bad skin >.< what should i do?


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  • Kiehls makes a great line for men :)

    • i don't want any product, my body is shit, i need something super strong to fuck up my face and everything and make it clean and smooth.. like my arm pit i use the strongest cream that sure have ever done ^^

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    • Yeah sorry my English is bad ^^ ;D thanks anyway heheheh ;D

    • No worries, good luck :)

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  • firstly, if you're using any harsh products on your face or scrubbing, stop now. until you figure out the root cause of your acne it will only make it worse.
    you may need to change ur diet and lifestyle. often times acne is caused by a post-digestive reaction to certain foods. also, you should be changing your pillow case every day or sleeping with your head on a fresh towel if that's easier for you. the bacteria and oils will be building up on whatever your face rests on and making thing worse.
    go to gardenofwisdom. com and contact them for advice. they're one of the best family owned skin care companies out there and you'll be able to get everything you need to help your skin there.


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