How to remove a pimple in 2-3 days?

i rarely get pimples but ever since i turned 16 i started getting pimples and i have no idea how to remove it. no one in my family gets pimples! the pimple i have right now is the blind pimple. how to remove it without popping? should i buy a product? suggest me one? thanks!


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  • You could dip a qtip in rubbing alcohol & hold it on the pimple for a couple minutes to dry it out & kill the bacteria.

    To prevent more, use an acne face wash every morning & every night before bed that contains salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. Also, don't touch your face, dirty hands clog pores!


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  • i can't remember if i use to apply constant heat or ice to it.. but i almost never ever get pimples


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